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May 20, 2023

Peace In Your Retirement Plan, Tax Pain, and Green Bananas

In this episode of Retire Hour, Market Advisory Group's advisors discuss the debt-ceiling negotiations, who needs to plan for taxes, retirement teamwork and Medicare Select policies.


Intro: 0:00

Financial Advisors: "Sonny, I'm 80-Years-Old, I Can't Weather The Storm, I Don't Even Buy Green Bananas" - 0:21

Financial Advisors: You Don't Have To Be Howard Hughes To Plan For Taxes - 9:21

Client Corner: Synergistic Energy - 17:04

Medicare Advisor: Should You Select A Medicare Select Policy - 24:18

Eidelman Law Advisor: Sometimes After Death, The Gloves Come Off - 33:15

CPA: How Much Do You Want To Hurt Yourself With Taxes - 42:30

Credits: 46:51


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Retire Hour is a weekly radio show and podcast. This financial education resource is for those approaching retirement, or seeking knowledge investing, income planning, taxes, medicare and estate planning.