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Feb. 18, 2023

Retirement When A Spouse Passes Away

What are the next steps in retirement when a loved one passes away? Join the Retire Hour team as they discuss that crucial time period, weighing Medicare decisions, gifting vs not gifting assets to children, and a special Client Corner.

Intro: 0:00

Financial Advisors: Easy To Be Long-Term Investor 'Til You Take Short-Term Losses - 0:21

Financial Advisors: Unexpected Deaths In Retirement - 8:57

Client Corner: "Maybe, It's My Fault" - 16:57

Medicare Advisor: Weigh Your Decisions Out - 23:40

Eidelman Law Advisor: When And When Not To Gift Assets To Children - 34:01

CPA: Everyone Gets A Mulligan On This - 41:38

Credits: 47:03

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