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Jan. 20, 2023

Tax Considerations for Retirement, Social Security Options and One Widow's Story

In this episode, the team breaks down tax options, nest eggs, and portfolio losses before diving into Social Security options. On today’s client corner, hear the story of Marie and how having an advisor who listens made all the difference. Finally, they’ll discuss a widow’s story of medical bills and insurance appeals and why or why not someone would want to avoid probate. Original airdate 1/14/2023.

Intro: 0:00

Financial Advisors: Nest Eggs - 0:21

Financial Advisors: Options For Widow(er)s - 8:37

Client Corner: Listening To The Client - 16:22

Medicare Advisor: One Widow's Story - 24:02

Eidelman Law Advisor: Can You Avoid Probate? - 32:50

CPA: Once The Tax Genie's Out Of The Bottle - 41:20

Credits: 47:34

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